The Story About The Sign

In the three years it has been since I found this sign and posted it on Facebook or Instagram, I have heard from a lot of you guys about how much you love the words and what it means to you.

It can be interpreted any way you want or choose but it means the world to me.  Recently I was asked where it hangs in my house and I realized, it’s not.
Here is the backstory and once you read it, will understand just how deeply profound those words are to me.
November of 2014, I had just gotten divorced and on a Saturday night, I was roaming around the K-Mart in Goodlettsville buying towels and other small items that I needed.  I was in a complete daze because I was exhausted from moving all day, starving and really missing my kids on a cold, blustery night that absolutely fit the mood.  I swear I was the only one in the store and as I was wandering through, I took a turn down an aisle and there it was.
On the bottom shelf.
In a section it didn’t belong.
We immediately had a connection.  I stared at that sign as if a ghost had appeared.  I looked around to see if I was dreaming.  Nope.  I backed up, went down another aisle and froze.  Backed up again, and went down that aisle.  I stopped in front of the sign and stared.  It seemed like an hour but it was probably 45 seconds.  I walked over and checked the price.  $19.99.  Ahh, perfect.  Then I realized, I had just enough for towels, or that sign.  I couldn’t even afford it.  Man, that summed up my life perfectly at that moment.
I took my phone out and took a picture, vowing that when I got paid in a few days, I was going back to buy it.
Nope, gone.  Someone had come along and bought the sign.
But, I had the picture.  And on that cold, dreary, miserable night on a Saturday, lumbering through a K-Mart, and when it seemed as if the deck is stacked against you, I realized, it never really is as long as we have amazing, never wavering faith.  That night, I was handed amazing, never wavering faith and I have not had a bad night since.  Some bumpy nights, some frustrating nights, but never a bad one.
As for the sign, I can only hope that someone bought it who really needed to have it and those words have brought them the immense pleasure and joy, it has given me.
Thanks for reading.

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