The Reasons Why Nashville, and the Titans, need Johnny Manziel

Haven’t won a playoff game in over 10 years.
Haven’t been to the playoffs in 5 years.
The only time their own stadium is full is during CMA Fan Fest.
They have as much personality as your high school librarian.
These are just a few of the reasons the Titans on Thursday night have to take Johnny Manziel.
Not have to take him, but must take him.


In the words of Jack Nicholson as the Joker in the movie BATMAN, “This town needs an enema!” He might as well be talking about Nashville. What excites us around here? That’s right, nothing. We have become a victim of our own cuteness. Now we need this guy to bring the energy to our city.
I asked a guy today, “Who is the face of the Titans franchise?” His reply, “Steve McNair.” I laughed and thought, he is right. McNair last played for the Titans in 2005 and there lies the problem. This team doesn’t have one guy you can point to and say, ‘There goes the franchise?” Although every time my son goes to poop, I yell at him, ‘There goes the franchise!” This team needs an identity. Badly. With Johnny Football, you have that identity.


Face it, we love seeing celebs out and about around Nashville and when someone comes to town REALLY famous, this town loses its mind. I know we have country singers here but when a big time actor comes here or a singer, sans country, it is all over social media. I highly doubt anyone else in this draft could make Nashville, NY South, or Hollywood East, etc. Johnny Football can do it.


Face it Titans fans, the only thing you guys get excited about anymore is to see if Challenger the Eagle will claw someone’s face off or if Molly Moo beats Texas Pete’s ass in that damn dumb grocery race. In fact, the last time anything really good happened there was Vince Young’s temper tantrum when he threw his pads into the stands.
This is a pic from a game this past year.

Terrible. Just terrible. Johnny Football will put asses in the seats. Guaranteed. Imagine the first game, when everything breaks down and he scampers down the field, makes a huge play and the team scores. (Speaking of scoring, look at this.)


So there you have it, just a few reasons that this town needs Johnny Manziel.
I will tell you this though, after reading why he needs to come to Nashville, when Johnny Manziel’s name is called Thursday night and it is not for the Titans, you will feel a slight disappointment run through your body.
It would be Joe Namath, Broadway Style, 2014 and beyond.
Pick him Titans, I dare ya.



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