Growing up, I thought that David Letterman had the best job in in the entire world.
He was talking to celebs, screwing with people and it just looked like he was having so much fun all the time and to me, that was just the ultimate.
But, now I have a new person who I think, has the best job in the world.
He works, I think 3 months a year. To me, that isn’t that big of a deal because if you enjoy what you do, you won’t mind working all the time.
He makes a ton of money, several million a year, which always helps.
He kinda gets to screw with people.
Recognized everywhere he goes and at the end of the day, the job has very little stress.
Very little stress.
But so much fun.
And the winner is, this guy…..

Absolutely, it is Pat Sajak.
Tell me a guy who has more fun, works less and gets paid a fortune?
Plus, for those who don’t remember, Sajak was at one time, a weather man on channel 4 in Nashville for several years before moving on.
Always a Nashville connection, right?

So, Pat Sajak, you get the Big Joe ringing endorsement of having “The Best Job in America.”
In honor of you, here are some of the funniest moments in WOF history. Prepare to cry at some of these, too.


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