The 2 Most Hopeless Feelings

Tell me, is there a worse feeling than this.

You round a corner and there he is.
Just standing there with that damn radar gun.
And there is nothing you can do.
It is one of the most hopeless feelings you will ever come across.
Because you cannot TiVo life, although I pray someone is working on that somewhere.
Just to go back about 30 seconds and slow down.
Anyhoo, Tuesday morning, I came across the second most hopeless feeling.
I thought there could not be another one as bad as getting nailed by radar but there is.
Oversleeping for work.
Hopeless feeling.
In all of my years, I have never overslept for work.
Tuesday morning, I overslept by 2.5 hours and got to work 45 mins late.
I got a new phone and thought I set the alarm but I had in fact, silenced it.
Hopeless feeling.
I actually got out of bed, brushed my teeth, put on deodorant and was out the door in less then 4 minutes.
All the while, just kicking myself for letting that happen.
Oversleeping and getting busted for speeding.
I am sure there is another helpless feeling. I just don’t ever want to find out.



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