Thank You!

Well after one month, I gotta say, you guys are awesome! Thank you for blowing this little website up and for all of the kind words. It is truly a labor of love and I thank you all for visiting it every day.
But, it’s not just you guys I need to thank, but national writers, magazines, newspapers are also writing great things about and here is what they are saying. Or writing.

‘This website has everything you need to make you laugh, cry, and think. We highly recommend this to our readers. Big John has tapped into something down in the south that is making people come to his website in record numbers. AND WE HATE THE SOUTH, BUT WE LOVE JOHN.’

‘It is the best thing to come out of the south since Taylor Swift and Florida-Georgia Line. Amazing writing, great recipes and just a good ole time.

‘Amazing content that seems to get better each and every day. Already talk of turning this into a weekly TV show with some big names being mentioned. Kathy Bates, Park Overall, possibly a Paula Deen comeback. Yeh, it’s that good. (wait, Joe is a man?)’

“The writing, the stories, the love John puts into just comes through the screen. Move over MySpace, you got competition.’

“It has really become all the talk of the entertainment establishment in Hollywood. When Leo, and Nelly, and Nat from Beverly Hills 90210 are late to an interview cause they are reading, then you KNOW something is good.’

‘Well to say we were a little disappointed that BIG JOE was not a blog about a new adult film actor and his adventures would be a massive understatement. But after reading his blog, we like it. Not as much had this been about a, well, you know.’

‘Skeptical at first because that’s what we do at TIME, but gotta say, Big Joe has grown on us. From sports to entertainment to his #FailFriday, it has become a daily staple. When the White House Press Pool is talking about it, you know you have made it.’

‘One word, outstanding. His exclusive interview with the 5 SEC football coaches was one of the best pieces of writing in decades. Don’t say anything, but already, whispers of him being Sports Person of the Year.’

‘If you want to laugh, cry, jump for joy and do it all over again, then you have visit every single day. He says there is no one doing the writing but him. We say that cannot be true cause it is that good. He came and spoke to our Co-op last month and people stood in line for hours to get a seat. His message of ‘Go West or Go to Hell,’ had the crowd in laughter and tears. 5th face on Mt. Rushmore? When do we start?
(Ed.Note-we are really, really, really bored in Peoria. When Ziggy, the water-skiing squirrel came here, same crowd, same review. We have no life.”

‘It is our most read piece every day in the paper. Nothing comes close except ‘I Beat Biddle.’

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