My grandfather passed away in 1987 and he was a native Nashvillian and I am pretty sure he would not recognize the city he grew up in now.  It is not a bad thing but what is amazing is that in the last 10 years, Nashville has exploded.  And, it seems to only be happening in about a 5 mile radius between downtown and over off of Music Row.
As you may notice, there are bunch of cranes above our fair city right now.  
No, not this Crane.  #OhJojo
But, everywhere you look, there they are.

Recently, someone asked me to take a guess on how many cranes were operating in Nashville, Davidson County, right now.
“Probably 20.”
“30, at most,”
‘Try 129.”

That was my reaction.  Huh?  Are you kidding me?
One of my favorite sites on the internet, has become this.
Click on the link and enjoy.  It is a real time look at how many cranes are being used in Nashville right now.  152 is what it is up to.
152.  And when you click on it, be prepared to spend about, oh, all afternoon looking at the different cranes that are doing their thang right now in Nashville.
So play the game, “Take a Guess,” with your friends and see if anyone gets anywhere close to the correct number.
And the link, bookmark it, because you will go back again and again and again and again.

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