Sunday Funday

I will tell you right now, it takes a lot to make me laugh.
But when something makes me laugh, oh Lord, I can’t stop laughing.
Sunday on Facebook, Adam McGee posted a very sweet Happy Birthday message to his daughter who was turning 8. Proud father, all of us dads would do the same.
But the picture he posted, wasn’t of his little girl.
This is what he wrote….
‘8 years ago today after a “tradition” of stopping at Starbucks for a Venti White Chocolate Mocha before getting to the hospital my “Little Squirt” Ella Grace McGee came into the world at 11:20am. Back then I couldn’t even imagine the joy you would bring to our lives. You’re a sweet, sassy, spunky, opinionated, tough, kindhearted, intelligent and beautiful little lady. Happy Birthday Ella Grace McGee! We love you and everything you bring to our lives. ‘
Beautiful right?
But the picture he posted was this…

Former All-pro NFL fullback Lorenzo Neal.
And the comments that followed, Oh Lord!

Danielle Rodewald Theodorou Heavens they grow up so fast.

Adam McGee Wait! That isn’t Ella and that isn’t the picture I selected. Thanks Facebook for screwing that up!

Tant Dowell You might want to have a DNA check. I always new u couldn’t trust Lori.

Steven Strobel I was rolling….

Rob Midgett Haha Tant that’s funny!

Joe Dubin hahahahaha…..she is a doll!!

Patrick Tate She looks like a NFL fullback.

Tant Dowell She reminds me of that guy from Hootie and the Blowfish

Irma Efren Ibarra Ella has changed since we last seen her LoL

Mary Ann Martin That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Rolling. But also the sweetest post. Happy bday Ella

Jennifer Caputo-LaCoax Best giggle ever.

Dan Maddox what diet is she on, my kid needs to add a few pounds

LeAnn Hale Blevins HA!!!

Meredith Buch Housel Lmao!!!

Nicole Johnson-Little I’m so confused!

Debbie McGee Dempsey Maybe it was the chocolate mocha.



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