Star Struck

Star Struck.
Admit it.
We all are.  Some form or fashion, we are all star struck.  Don’t try to be some non-conformist and say you aren’t, when you are.
I write this because my daughter has become star struck, but I suppose every teen is at some point and now is her time.
I am. I will fully admit it.  See the guy above, William Shatner, saw him in Nashville back in 2000 something and I couldn’t stop staring at him.  And everyone around was staring too.  Its damn WILLIAM SHATNER.
How bad am I?  I was even star struck by this yahoo below.

Stephen Baldwin.  Pathetic? Oh Absolutely.  Regretful?  Absolutely not.
Athletes, not so much.  Working in the sports world for so many years, it doesn’t faze me.
Except one time.  The most star struck I have ever been in my life.  Although I met him years after his days of playing were over.
This dude…..

The Snake. Ken Stabler.
Met him a bar years ago, surprise, and he was the most stand up celebrity I have ever met.  Signed autographs for hours, shook hands, posed for countless pictures and was the life of the party.  I was working as a bouncer and the bar was packed and a huge line out the door.  This guy walks up, in a suit, pulls me aside and asks, ‘Hey, I have Ken Stabler in the car.  Any chance we can skip the line and come in?’  I replied, ‘if you have Ken Stabler, I will kiss your butt in front of everyone.’  He didn’t laugh and walked out.  2 minutes later, who walks in, but Ken Stabler.   My jaw hit the floor.  And so did everyone else’s.  He was instantly recognizable.  We got him a seat at the bar.  3 hours later, Stabler’s driver walks up and says, ‘I will take a rain check on the ass kissing.’

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