Some Things Confuse Me

For the past month or so, maybe longer, I have seen this one car on the interstate in the morning on the way in to do my radio show.  It is odd because most things I don’t pay attention too on my drive in but this car caught it.  There is nothing out of the ordinary for this car except for one thing.  

The left front has an emergency spare tire on it.  Now, these tires designed to get you to a gas station so you can get your regular tire fixed.  You are not supposed to drive long distances on it and go over 40 M.P.H.  
This guy has been driving with that emergency spare for at least a month that I have seen, maybe longer.  You may say, “Joe, maybe he doesn’t have any money to get it fixed.”  Good point, until one afternoon. 
I was getting gas and up pulls the car with that tire.  
Here is my chance to ask something that was bothering me way too much. 
“Hey man, that spare is holding up pretty good.  I have seen you during rush hour.”
“Yeh, I have been meaning to get fixed but it rides just fine with it.”
“Oh, I thought those were emergency tires.”
“What is that?”
Oh Lord, here we go. 
“A tire that you drive to the gas station immediately to get your other tire fixed.  I am not sure you can go over 40 on it, too.”
“Really? I saw it in the trunk when I had a flat and put it on.”
“It is about 2 times smaller than  your other tires.”
“It looked small so I tried to put air in it but it didn’t work.  I guess I will go get another tire.  Thanks.”
I love people. 

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