So Much….

So much is riding on the Nashville Predators game 7 versus San Jose on Thursday night.  Not just with the team, and the franchise itself, but with the city of Nashville.

The city is completely wrapped up in Preds fever, as it should be and if they win, we all thought the first two rounds were incredible, pretty sure we haven’t seen anything yet.
So much is riding on this game because it literally affects a lot of plans for the next two weeks.  If the Preds do win, that means at least two games in the Western Conference Finals, are slated for Nashville.  Right now, it will be May 19th and 21st.  If they happen to win a game on the road, that turns into a game 6 in Nashville, on May 25th.
Two weeks for this city to completely lose its mind over this hockey team.  If they win game 7, you best go get your Preds gear immediately after the win cause chances are, it will be gone from the shelves afterwards.  I will never forget when the Titans beat Jacksonville in January of 2000, to advance to the Super Bowl.  I was working for another TV station at the time and if the Titans win, we were heading to Atlanta to the game.  They win and I go to Walmart to buy stuff for the weeks stay there and the place was crazy over people buying Titans swag. Anything that said Titans, they bought.  By the dozens.  People were buying copies of the Titanic because they thought it might have something to do with the Titans.  It was pure insanity.
So much is riding on this for all the media, too.  Plans to cover the team in St. Louis are already in the works, since it is only a 5 hour drive and that requires several days stay there.  Then come back here, and possibly go back up there and then, go back there again.  That ties up camera people, satellite trucks, talent, etc, for a few weeks.

So much is riding on this that will affect our other pro team in town.  The Titans’ players have become mega Preds fans, as they should be.  But, the outreach the Predators organization has done with fans and the community is amazing.  It will only make the Titans to look at their own game plan, off the field, and match what the Preds do because what the Preds are selling, everyone is buying.

So much is riding on this game 7 for the outside sports world to see Nashville. Because the Titans have been so awful, haven’t been to the playoffs since the 2008 season,  this is a great chance for the Predators to put a positive spotlight of the sports world, on our city.  And if they go all the way to the Stanley Cup Final, more people will realize that there is more than just the Titans in this city.

So much is riding on this game 7 because if they win, that moves this city one step closer to capturing a championship trophy.  The Titans lost in the Super Bowl and then 3 years later, to the Oakland Raiders in the AFC championship game.  That is the last time this city came close to winning a sports title.

So much is riding on this game 7, for you reading this.  Your news feed, your sports feed, your neighbors talking about it, your pastor talking about it, the guy behind you at Kroger talking about and yes, you will want to be there.  We all want to part of something special and that is why you will go.

So much is riding on this game 7.  So much..….

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