Do you ever think about how you are going to die?
I do.
Perhaps too much, but I still do.
And I have it figured out how I will die.
Heart attack.
By someone else’s lack of self-awareness.
Here is how.

Y’all going 55 in a 75 and in the fast lane.
Heart attack
And it is going to be your fault.
I don’t have road rage but I have Self-Awareness rage.
Why must you get into the fast lane and not go fast?  Why?
This is me.

Usually, it is this person.

I can’t yell at her, so the frustration builds up.
And the next car, it is this.

You can’t yell at her either. You just can’t and all you can do is this.

I am not kidding about the Self-Awareness rule.
We need classes on it.  And it just doesn’t apply to driving.
Like putting 87 items up on the scanner at the store when it only asks for 15.

Or this look.

You know, going to see a movie and the guy in front of you spends 5 minutes deciding what movie to see.
I am going to run for President in 2016 with my platform being, Self-Awareness.  And red lights. No more red lights. And food places have to serve breakfast all day.  And places that change your oil, can’t try to sell you anything else.
Man, I got a lot to deal with if I am President.  But it won’t matter, your lack of self-awareness will do me in.
And soon.


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