Reasons Vandy Moved Their Game

Vandy football fans, all 33 of them, were up in arms on Thursday when the school announced that they were moving their football game against Ole Miss to LP Field, where the Titans play, on September 6th.

Others ask why would you move a game when you can barely sell out a 40,000 stadium and when you do, half of it are the opposing teams fans?
In this case, there might be 20K Vandy fans and 50K Ole miss fans there, thus making it an “Ole Miss home game.”
But, there are always 2 sides to the story and we found out the real reasons Vandy is moving this game.
Here they are.

Vandy needed to move the game because on that Saturday, Dudley Field is being used to honor their debate and forensic teams from 1891 and 1908. Plus, they have 3 original members of the football team still alive and they don’t feel like traveling to east Nashville where “those folks below the poverty line live,” according to them.


2. On that day, Vandy AD David Williams forgot he had rented out Dudley field for an all day “Track Suit Sale,’ for men and women. One day only. The hottest design for that person who makes 4 million a year but doesn’t own a suit.

3. Because the last time Ole Miss played Vandy at Dudley, last year, they almost burned down the damn campus.
These pics are from last August when an Ole Miss tailgate got out of hand. According to a Vandy official, “They can burn down the East Bank at LP Field and shit, they will probably get a medal.”

4. Part of James Franklin’s contract that was upheld, he gets LP Field for one concert, one time a year, forever. He has pegged Wale to perform on that Saturday.

5. Fans are still pissed at the mural of Coach Derek Mason and were offended at the new one that was drawn. As part of of the ‘settlement’ for fans, they were required to move one game to LP Field.



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