Our Worst Enemy

Menace to society.
That is what they are.
No more, certainly no less.
They mock us. 
Sure, they might look like they are helping everyone out but deep down, left unattended, they will cause massive damage.
This not some movie.  Although, it should be.
Like in Terminator, where the machines rise up to kill us all, this is gonna happen.
And when it does, you will say, “I will be damned, that Big Joe, knew it all along.”
Then my friends, it will be too late. 
I saw one of these punks today, carelessly and recklessly go after someone and no one was there to stop him. Or her.
Folks, here is our problem.

Shopping carts.
Don’t laugh.  
Let one go and what do you do most of the time?
Stand there.
And watch it go to work on crushing dreams. 

I saw one this weekend take off on it’s own and before anyone could say, “Don’t look Ethel!,” it had slammed into a car.  4 people stood there and watched it go by. 
But one guy tried to stop it.  He said, “Not today, not on my watch.  Not today!”  But he was too late. 
Together, we can stop this.
But only together.

(DISCLAIMER:  I was not drunk nor on drugs when I wrote this.)

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