At one time, I had 11 books on the subject.
Not sure what piqued my interest so many years ago, but it did and I am still obsessed.
In the last week, I have watched every single documentary, news piece, etc, on the assassination of JFK and I will watch them again before the month is out.
I even called in sick when I was working in a night club years ago to read the Warren Commission report.
I sat through the movie JFK 8 times.

If you have seen it, the part with Donald Sutherland as Fletcher Prouty, is the most powerful part to me.
Here is Prouty’s bio:
Leroy Fletcher Prouty (January 24, 1917 – June 5, 2001) served as Chief ofSpecial Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy. A former colonel in the United States Air Force, he retired from military service to become a bank executive, and subsequently became a critic of U.S. foreign policy, particularly the covert activities of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) about which he had considerable inside knowledge. Prouty, along with Richard Case Nagell, was the inspiration for the character “Mr. X” in Oliver Stone‘s movie JFK.

I still watch that scene and get chills.
And for my birthday, my brother got me a book that Jesse Ventura wrote on the JFK assassination.
I am reading that now and I can’t get enough of it.
I am pretty sure that if Kermit the Frog put out a book on the subject, I would buy that too.
One day the truth might come out, but right now, it won’t. Too many people getting paid and getting quite wealthy on all of this.
They continue to write them, we will continue to buy.


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