I remember it as vividly now as I did some thirty odd years ago.  In high school, we would all gather at McDonalds any chance we could.  There would be juniors, seniors and sometimes, a few from the class that had just graduated.  But, there he was.  His name was Larry.  I didn’t know him, and not many other people in our group did until one night someone said, “You know, Larry is 30 years old.”  I thought to myself, 30, my goodness is that old!   (As a parent now, I would have many other questions that would have come before stating the obvious.)  
Then, I was watching a documentary on the late great Johnny Unitas.  During the show, the narrator said, “Unitas went from the Colts to the Chargers, but at 37 years old, he was a shell of his former self.”  I was mid-30’s when I saw that and thought,  what in the world?  I had discovered that 30 was not old and certainly someone being 37 was not ancient. 
But fifty. Now that is old.  Growing up, I thought turning 50 was basically two feet in and all you are waiting on was for someone to close the top.  We are bombarded with so many things to remind us that we are getting old and that we need to do this and do that as we turned that silver age.  
But something funny happened on the way to 50.  I decided not to give in.  Not to wallow in “oh my God, my life is over” nonsense.  I still go to the gym, try to eat better every day and laugh as much as I can, every single day.  50 is always going to be the guy in the car behind me following wherever I go.  I refuse to let him catch up to my car.  Although, I compare myself at 50 to see what my Grandpa was doing when he turned 50, or what my mother was doing when she turned that age and it is very surreal.  I feel like that they had accomplished so much at that point in their lives and I am still trying to find my wallet.  
Now the second half begins and I have no idea what to expect.  I really never did expect to make it to fifty.  I think God keeps me around because He needs someone to stress Him out from time to time.  
Until then, I will leave you with this gem.  Enjoy.


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