Nothing Scares Us

He bit into a guy’s carotid artery, ripped it out, then spit it out and the guy bleeds to death in seconds.
We don’t flinch.
That is what happened on the season finale of The Walking Dead when Rick saved his life and others, when he had nothing left to do but bite into the guy’s carotid artery.
We don’t flinch.
You know why? Nothing scares us anymore.
Quick, what is the scariest thing you can remember?
For me, it was the movie The Exorcist.
That movie kept me up for months and months.
But watching it now, it still gets a rise out of me but nowhere near like it did when I was younger.
We don’t flinch.
And nothing scares us anymore.
The movie The Purge tried to do it.
The Conjuring.
And others like that, but nothing.
We have become immune to blood and guts and demons.
Is The Walking Dead to blame?
Possibly but somewhere in Hollywood, or New York City, or middle America is some young screenwriter who is working on the next thing to scare us to death.
And it might work.
But it won’t and you know why?
Nothing scares us anymore.


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