The Tennessee Titans kick off the 2014 season this Sunday in Kansas City as they take on the Chiefs.  The Titans have not been to the playoffs in 5 seasons and haven’t won a playoff game in over 10 years. 
We polled (TWSS) NFL experts and asked them how they saw the season playing out for the Titans this year and clearly, a lot of the so called “Talking Heads,”  haven’t followed this team in a long, long time. 


(Chris Collinsworth-NBC)
“I still think this team is trying to find its identity under Mike Munchak.  I played for Forrest Gregg in Cincinnati and it takes awhile.  Just be patient, let Matt Hasselbeck manage this team and they might surprise a few teams.”
(Mike Ditka-ESPN)
“Jeff Fisher played for me with the Bears and I although I haven’t spoken to him in 30 years, I like what he does.”
(Phil Simms-CBS)
“How the F-K did you get my number?”
(Tony Dungy-NBC)
“Now Dan, I coached against this Titans team for many years when I was with the Colts.  I couldn’t tell you much of anything else except that Michael Sam being gay is a distraction.”
(Dan Marino)
“You know I got fired from CBS right?”
(Warren Sapp-NFL Network)
“It breaks down like this.  Offense has to score points and defense, has to shut other teams down.  Also, I filed bankruptcy, you got any extra cash hanging around?”
(Bill Cowher-CBS)
“Look, Ken Whisenhunt coached under me in Pittsburgh and we won a Super Bowl.  He has his hands full there with Vince Young but I think with Eddie George running the ball, they will have a chance in every game.”
(Kurt Warner-NFL Network)
“Ken Whisenhunt saved my career when he came to Arizona and he was great.  Where is he now?  In Tennessee?  With the Titans?  What happened to Jeff Fisher?  The Rams?  Where I played? What happened to Dick Vermeil? Why are you leaving?”
(Chris Berman-ESPN)
“With Jake Hurt Locker running this team and Shonn-Shank Greene running the ball and Justin Crocodile Hunter catching passes, along with Kendall Wright Or Wrong there, and on defense, Akeem Ayers Ball tackling and Zach Unsinkable Molly Brown, they have a great shot at going 4-12.  Hello?  Hellooooo?  WHERE IS MY DIET COKE?”

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