No One Crosses THIS Line

OK, so all the rage now on the radio is over that song by Robin Thicke, ‘Blurred Lines.’

(Who by the way, looks EXACTLY like his dad, Alan Thicke. And to the one guy at the gym talking about Robin Thicke, it is THICK. Not Thicky. The E is silent. As in Eidiot.)
Anyhoo, the point being, we have blurred lines and then we have lines we don’t cross
At all.
We never, ever, ever cross them.
And don’t say you have, because you haven’t done it.
Do not try to be a badass and say you’ve done it, when we all know, you haven’t.
Ready for it? Here is the line YOU NEVER CROSS.

Yes ma’am. The Grocery store dividing line. NO one crosses it.
At all.
In the last two weeks, I have seen it happen 3 times where someone almost crosses that line but doesn’t.
A kid at Kroger this past Sunday was putting groceries on the belt and he barely crossed the line. His mom grabbed his hand, looked at him sternly and said, ‘NEVER PUT ANYTHING AHEAD OF THAT!’
THAT, being the divider that evidently separates the upper class from the lower class.
It is what separates Target from Wal-Mart.
Without it, we would have mass anarchy. No joke!
Same Kroger, a week earlier. By the way, when the self checkout lines are backed up, you have to use the ‘old’ checkout lines which is almost akin to getting a tetanus shot. A lady put her groceries up on the belt. As her items go through, a man behind her put his items up on the belt.
Without the divider. Here is the look she gave him.

Well, not exactly. The ‘actual’ look was much worse.
What we need are bigger dividers we can carry around with us everywhere. At the movies, put it in the seat next to you. At ballgames, put it right there. Heck, put one in your yard. Imagine someone approaching that you do NOT want to talk to and when they get close, just point down to your divider and shrug your shoulders.
Cause no one ever crosses that divider line. EVER!
As a favor to me, next time you go to the store, try it. Try to cross it. Put your stuff up there behind someone else’s and see what happens.
You will get the cold look of death from the person in front of you, from the store employee, and whoever else is around.
Never, never, never.

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