You never forget the first one.
You never forget where you were.
You never forget how you felt. 
You never forget the moment that got you there.
OK, get your sick minds out of the gutter.  I am talking about your first speeding ticket.  Is there a more helpless feeling in the entire world?  For me, I can remember every single second of that day as I wasn’t much of a praying type then, but Lord, I prayed my mother would not kill me when she found out. 
Two Rivers Parkway, August, 1985 in Donelson and we would have two-a-day practices at McGavock high school and then, head over to Wave Country and swim if were weren’t too exhausted from camp. I turned out of the high school and gunned it, radio blasting, no seat-belt and I had life in my hands.  
Then, I saw him.  Motorcycle cop, right before the turn into park.  I had just been yelling at golfers at Two Rivers and was not paying any attention.  I tell people that the feeling of seeing him is akin to losing your wallet, or these days, losing your phone.  
Everything after that was a blur, “did you know how fast you were going and did you know this and that, etc?” 
Complete blur.  I wanted to ask if he would provide police protection for when I got home to my mom.  He didn’t laugh.  I was serious.  
I took the ticket, put it in my glove box and at 16, thought that if I put it there, it would magically go away and all would be well.  Come on, I was 16, I knew everything. 
I didn’t tell my mom and convinced myself I didn’t get a ticket.  Absolutely winning!
Until  a few months later, “Joseph Dubin, get in here right now!”  Your mom only calls you by your full name when you’re in some serious trouble. 
“You got a speeding ticket and didn’t tell me? Why didn’t you tell me?  I can’t believe you didn’t tell me?” If only voice inflection came through on this, then those questions would seem as loud as a Who concert.  
There have been many more tickets accumulated over the years but that one, will always be special.  
You simply never forget. 

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