Network TV is Bad, And Why We Don’t Care

Tell me a show on the big 4, NON-reality, that you watch all the time.
I mean, all the time.
If social media is any barometer, it is about nil.
I see tweets about the show Scandal. But that’s about it.
is it bad and we don’t care? Here are a few reasons why.

That’s why.
We all know someone who watches at least one of these shows.
Heck I watch 3 of them. Most watch all of them.
And there are others, like the Newsroom, or Boardwalk Empire, that people are obsessed with.
So why aren’t these shows on network tv, the big 4? Great question. I have read from production costs being too high, to these shows being passed up by executives and on and on.
Thing is, we don’t care anymore.
HBO, Showtime, AMC, and others are picking up the slack where networks won’t.
Long gone are the days of Dallas, Dynasty, Knots Landing,Hill Street Blues, etc.
Network TV built their brand on comedy and the characters.
They need to get back to that soon, or those might be gone too.


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