Nashville’s Free Agents

The NFL Free Agency period begins Tuesday at 3pm CST and for those that don’t know, it is when teams can start signing free agents to their own team.
It is a day when under achieving athletes get vastly overpaid.
So we at BJOTG wanted to know, if cities around the country had a free agency, who would they go after. Specifically, the city of Nashville.  If Nashville could go out and sign free agents, politicians, celebs, etc, who would Music City go after, or who we think they should they go after.

Yes, he is an absolute train wreck but my God would he be so much fun.  We cut the Nashville mayor for this guy and you think Broadway and Honky Tonking is fun now, wait til Rob Ford gets a hold of it.  It would be Mardi Gras every single day.

Don’t have to explain this one.  He is our generation’s Johnny Carson.  Plus, I am a little biased to the guy because of this.


Now this dude would bring the cool factor to another level.  So what if he smokes dope 24/7, pretty soon that will be legal and smoking cigs won’t be.  I mean, look at that damn face.  You think he has one worry in the world?  Exactly.

They solved the big murder mystery on Sunday night, barely, as they were both injured but Nashville would welcome these two with open arms.  Plus, we can put them right on who was responsible for making Opryland USA disappear from Nashville.

For one reason only is that people that are here in high profile jobs, will always be wondering if he is going to take their jobs, which me might but it will be fun to watch them squirm.  Plus, Leno is a true free agent.  But let’s sign Fallon to a long term deal first and then get Leno.  Trust me on this.

Hurley  just makes you smile and seeing his face on a billboard welcoming people to Nashville would be perfect.  Plus, he looks like a bloated Blake Shelton and that makes me laugh.

This damn fool has been gone for 15 plus years, yet I still get asked about him all the time.  I mean, all the time.  For those who didn’t know him, he was a brash, know it all smartass who went over those who had been “done wrong, and IT AIN’T RIGHT!”  That was his catch line.  He also told me he would not take case on unless he could win it.  He had a rat tail down to his butt but once he came on the TV, you were glued to his antics.

She is so awesome and would outstanding to have her in Nashville.  She can be the hostess at Pucketts in downtown Nashville and people from all over would come to see her.
For those that don’t know her, here you go.  And you are welcome for the earworm.  Good luck getting this out of your head.   Wait til about the 45 second mark.


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