My Review Of The New SpongeBob Movie…

A brand new feature we are doing on BJOTG is that we have been asked to start reviewing movies and our first one is the new Spongebob Squarepants picture.

We will review trailers and then the movie itself, in hopes it will give a better idea of whether or not you want to see the movie. 
My son and I went to Indian Lake to see the film, which is a spectacular nice and clean theater.   The movie started at Noon so we got there at 11:30 to settle in.  
The first trailer was of a, oh sorry, I didn’t get to see it.  My son had to go poop real quickly and we went to the bathroom.  Real quickly to him is 15 minutes so I am not sure what all we missed.  
Finally, we get back to our seats and as I sat down, I knocked my drink over, spilling it down the aisle and creating the sniglet, “cineamuck.” (Google that if you have to, well worth your time.)
A trip to the concession stand and I am back to catch about 5 minutes or so of a trailer about a kid who “if he believes, can move mountains.”  It looked OK, not sure.  
The movie starts and my son is so excited he is bouncing in his seat.  Not sure Siskel & Ebert ever did that but if they did, that would have been awesome.  
The movie starts and Antonio Banderas is the bad pirate and I fell asleep.  I had checked my watch before I crashed and it was 12:05.  The next thing I know, my son hits me in the arm and says, “DADDY, QUIT SNORING!  IT’S LOUD!”
It is 1:24.
The credits roll about  3 minutes after that and my son won’t stop talking about how awesome the movie was.  
I guess that is good.  But, that nap, Oscar worthy 

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