Besides my kids, the person I adored on this planet more than anyone else was my mother. 
For a variety of reasons I have shared through this blog, you know why she was the best. 
As much as I loved that woman, when we would go to the movies, we would always, I mean always, sit at least 2 seats apart. 
We just did. 
Now on these times we would go the movies, about every other time, someone would come sit almost on top of us in the theater.  
I would look at my mom and say, “You want me to, or you want it?”  
“Excuse me, why are you sitting here?  There is an empty theater, please, you don’t have to sit here.”
And every single time, the person would get up and move. 
That’s right, move!
Never once did anyone say to us, “Shut up!”  Or, “You move.”
They always moved. 
No questions asked. 

At the Space & Rocket Center, about 10 years ago, I took my daughter there and we went to watch a movie in the IMAX.  No one was there.  Literally, not a soul. 
Right before the movie started, a guy comes in and sits right next to my daughter.  Who is sitting next to me on a rare occasion. 
“Excuse me, what are you doing?”
“This is an empty theater, what the hell are you doing.?”
“Oh, I didn’t realize anyone was back here.”
“You almost sat on my daughter.  I am going to ask you to leave nicely, before I launch you down there.”
‘There’ was a long way down.  
He moved. 
I ask, why would you want to sit to next to someone like that, unless, you are a creeper?  I don’t understand it. 
It happened Tuesday night to my son and me as we were eating at a pizza place.  
Barely crowded, dude sits next to us.  
“Why did you sit there?”
He looks at me puzzled and says, “I don’t know.  I am sorry.”  And gets up and moves across the restaurant. 
We all have privacy issues.  If you say you don’t, then you have them worse than the rest of us. 
So you go to eat, by yourself and you see no one around in the restaurant but two people, please tell me why you would go sit next to them?  I am serious, I want to know. 
Until then, I will be the guy looking at you in the restaurant. 
Like the dog, protecting his bone.  #Pause

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