Monday’s Musings

Random ruminations while wondering whatever happened to Joe Biddle.

Titans QB Jake Locker leaves Sunday’s game versus the Jets after an apparent hip injury.  That means two of Nashville’s biggest stars, Jake and Predators goalie Pekka Rinne, both have hip injuries.  I guess that is NOT what the NY Times or Forbes had in mind when they said Nashville was a ‘Hip City.’  #NoYouShutUp


Tropical storm Jerry has formed in the Atlantic Ocean.  He is posing no threat to land or anyone.  This one is much, much different than Tropical Storm Aaron Hernandez.  


USC fired Lane Kiffin after the team landed in Los Angeles at 3 A.M.  They figured firing him is better than killing him, which is illegal. 


SNL had their season premiere, hosted by Tina Fey, and to say the least, it was horrible.  SNL is best when they are making fun of well known people.  It is not good when we are making fun of them.  #GoodnessJoeYouAreOnFire


Breaking Bad had their series finale Sunday night.  The story of the chemistry teacher, stricken by cancer, who takes to making meth so he can sell it and raise money for his family, became a Must-See-TV event for many.  (Spoiler alert: The show ended with Walt killing Flo from Progressive.)


The US Government will shut down Tuesday if a deal cannot be reached by Tuesday night, regarding the budget.  I think.  What is stunning to me is that the government was still open.  


The #1 movie this past weekend was Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.  Of course, weathermen messed this up too, saying, it ‘Should Be Sunny With a Chance of Meatballs 2.’  #JoeBeautiful


The movie ‘Don Jon,’ about a guy addicted to porno came in third with $8 million.  Stupid people.  Don’t they know you can get porno for free on the internet?  #StopItJoe


Police in Florida this past weekend arrested a 80 year old man, who likes to cross-dress, for shoplifting $80 worth of stuff from a local Wal-Mart as he tried to stuff it into his purse.  He was still wearing make-up and lipstick when booked.  He also had $800 dollars on him.  There are a lot of things funny about this, main one being his mug shot.


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