“Look, Fluffy, It’s a Squirrel!”

I have said how I would love to run for President one day, yes, and this would be my platform.

Abolish 75% of the Red Lights in the country.
Make Self-Awareness taught in every single grade.
(Like when your pants don’t fit and you still wear them, or driving 55 in the fast lane when the minimum is 70 and having bad breath.)

I am adding a new item to my platform.

Driving with your dog in your lap!
Stop it right now!
This is usually a summertime thing but I have seen it so much in the past week, it is driving me crazy. I saw a car swerving in front of me down Lebanon road and I pulled up to see what in the world was going on and it was a lady who had a dog on her lap with the window down.
I saw another one on the interstate going around 50 when you can go 70 and yes, dog in the lap of the driver. Why? Also, saw someone turn out of my neighborhood, slowly, into traffic and she had a dog in her lap and the car had to swerve into the other lane passing by to avoid hitting her.
This has to stop.
When my precious Lillie Biscuit was alive, we went on trips all the time but I made her stay in the backseat, where dogs should be.

I get our love for our pets but at what cost?
Here is a report from 2009:
{Although NHTSA does not track the number of pet-related car accidents, 16% of fatal crashes in 2009 involved distracted driving, and about 448,000 passengers were injured. Even if you have the most mild-mannered pooch, it pays to restrain pets during car rides}.
Well that didn’t help my cause any, but you can surmise that Mr. Freckles had something to do with some of those crashes.
So why not this?

Even Chewbacca knows what to do so he buckles up little Chewy for the ride.
We can do this.


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