Living Up To Expectations

(From L-R:  Greg Pogue, Jeffrey Ross, Big Joe, Chase McCabe)

When I got into radio nearly 3 years ago, there were 2 people on my wish list I wanted to interview.  First, Bruce Willis because my mother was a huge fan of his and it would be so cool to talk to him because my mom would have LOVED it.
Number 2, the guy pictured above, Jeffrey Ross.  You may know him from his roasts on Comedy Central, in which he basically steals the show, every single time. 
(This is just one of the many roasts).

Now, I have said before the one guy who lived up to his expectations was Garth Brooks.  He is one of, if not the nicest celebrity out there.  I had great run in with him one time at the CMA’s many years ago and he was outstanding. 
Jeffrey Ross lived up to my expectations perfectly.
 He was funny and engaging and after working in the media for nearly 20 years, you can call bull sh*t 30 miles away.  You just can.  
We often put those we admire on this awful pedestals that they never live up to.  It happens all the time.  But Jeff Ross, was simply outstanding.   I put him up on that pedestal which is unfair but damn, he was great. 
Starstruck? Nope and I am not sure why this was any different.  I have seen “celebs” before that you just sit and stare at but to get to interact with them, laugh with them, and just shoot the bull might make it different.
I do know this though, he was great.  
Thank you Jeff Ross.
(Here is a clip of Jeff on our radio show this morning, 94.9 Game 2 in Nashville.

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