Just Stop It!

OK. You’re hungry. Like very hungry. And you want to go out to eat. Your son picks Cici’s. You say OK, you don’t really want to go there, but he has been a good kid this week so I let him choose
We go in and he sits down, and I get his food and take it back to him.
Remember, I’m starving. As I get back up to get my food, I see this.

This, with a tank top on. Well not this guy, but its about as close as it gets.
Stop wearing tank tops to restaurants.
Yes, I know, my fault, it was Cici’s. But I see it everywhere.
Its become an epidemic. And it has to stop.
On down the road, I will write about one day when I become President and certain laws I will enact.
Banning tank tops will be near the top of the list.
If I see this,

in a restaurant,
7 days in jail. Maybe 10.
Also, as President, if I see this, from another world leader,

I will start World War III.
Stand with me today friends. Stand with me and let’s stop this.
Because before you know it,

this will be next.
Thank you!
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