There is not a lot that gets under my skin but the few things that do, well, let’s just say they REALLY get under my skin.
But this one thing is so simple that it should never happen.
And it is friendly advice for those in the food service industry, mainly the waiter.
Death, taxes and the waiter who doesn’t write your order down, coming back and asking again or screwing it up, every single time.
“And that will be it.  Oh, can I get a side of mashed potatoes too?”
“Do you need to write all this down?”
“No, I am good.”
That was a recent convo with a waiter at a restaurant.
***Taps foot****
***Looks at watch***
And here he comes back.
“You said medium well right?”
“I thought you did.”
“I thought you said you would remember.”
At this moment, I am pretty sure my food will get spat on.
“Well, I remembered most of it.”
“So, what was it?”
“I don’t remember now.”
“Why didn’t you write it down?
“I don’t know.”
Victory is mine!
And this happens all the time. 
You have 4 other tables and you are tying to remember it all?
A few months ago, same restaurant, but different waiter, screwed the order up and brought us another table’s appetizers.  I knew what happened and started eating the apps.  
“Oh, I see the appetizer came out.”
“We didn’t order one.  I just thought all customers got this.”
“You didn’t order an appetizer?”
“Did you write down we ordered one?”
“Well, uhh, no?
“That is right, we didn’t.  So thank you!”
Blank stare from the waiter.
Victory again.
It really is so simple.  Just write it down.

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