It Has To Stop

What do you get, when you combine this…

With this…..

You get this…..

A very mad Big Joe. Very mad!
It is become a problem of epic proportions. And, it has been around for awhile and it has to stop.
Sweet grandmas driving cars that are more fit for the ocean.
We call them land yachts, for obvious reasons.
Imagine pulling out of your street and this coming at you.

Oh you want a closer view?
Here ya go.

There is a sweet elderly lady that lives in my hood and she is at least 130, give or take a few years.
I have seen her at the store and she is not any taller than 4’10.
This is the kind of car she drives.

A land yacht.
When I see her drive around, I will pull over so she can go by.
Not kidding.
Over in Green Hills in Nashville, it is a thousand times worse. They are everywhere. Like aliens.
Why must they drive cars that are that big? There needs to be a law that the older you get, the smaller the car you get to drive.
Totally not kidding.
Now that you are cognizant of it, try counting how many HUGE cars you see and who is driving them.
Sweet Grannys.

How do you get mad at that face?
You don’t. You just pull over.
And let them go by.
And then, thank God you saw them.
This pic below sums it up if you ever get hit.

We have to come together as a nation and do something.
It has to stop.


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