It Has to Stop!!!

I have written before about my desire to run for President one day.
My platform will be a simple one.
Getting rid of about 90% of this country’s red lights and making self-awareness, aware.  (Like driving in the fast lane, really slow.)
I have found my third platform.
This one, if violated, you go to jail for 7 days.
I am 100% serious on this, because it almost gave me a heart attack.
The drive-thru at the bank.

If you have more than 2 transactions, go inside.
Yes, if you have 2 or more things you need to do at the bank, get your butt out of the car and walk in.
It will not kill you.
And according to the latest stats, 123% of America is  over-weight, so it will not hurt us at all to walk in.
This guy the other day at the bank, had 4 transactions.
4.  In the drive-thru!
The teller at the bank said we would not believe what some people ask for when they come in the drive-thru.
Under my new law, he would spend 3 weeks in jail.
One week for every transaction more than one.
Let’s go over the platform again.

The dismantling of red lights.
Self-awareness taught in all schools.  Right after the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer.
Drive-Thru transactions at the bank limited to only two.
A Ten-lane highway,both ways, from Montgomery to Panama City Beach, no speed-limit

Can I count on you in one day?
Together, only together, can we make it work.
Thank you!
( I am Big Joe, a HUGE celebrity and I so approve this message, it makes me warm and makes me wanna cry.)

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