It Drives Me Crazy!!!

I scream every time this happens. 
It never fails to get a serious rise out of  me.
Nope, not red lights this time.
Nor some idiot driving slow in the fast lane.
Or someone wearing a tank top to a buffet.
But, it is on the same level and drives me equally nuts.
And once I tell you, pretty sure it will start to annoy you as well. 
Look, I love the game show Jeopardy and every time it comes on, will stop whatever I am doing to watch it.
What bugs me is on the show.
Nope, not Alex Trebek’s condescending tone.

Not the way he thinks he knows everything because I have become immune to that.
It is this.
When the 6 categories pop up there and you start to pick that category, please, for the love of Pete, go straight down the column
200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000.  
That’s it, straight down. 
Those that bounce around the board, going,
“Things That Start With ‘N’ for $200.”
“Let’s go with European cities for $800.”
“Umm, how about Oscar Winning Actresses for $400.”
“Back to Things That Start With ‘N’ for $800.”
“European Cities for $200.”
“OK, how about NFL for $600.”
“Great, let’s go back to European Cities for $1000”
“Alex, Oscar Winning Actresses for $800.”
“Yay, how about NFL for $200.”
And on and on and on and on. 
There was a lady on Jeopardy last week who did all of this, that I actually went on Facebook to find her and ask he why, why, why she did this?
Why would she torment me this way? 
What did I do to her? 
I couldn’t find her.  Probably a good thing. 
Could you imagine her reading a post from some psycho guy in Tennessee, blasting her for picking out of order?
I gotta find a hobby.

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