In The Friend Zone of Signs….

It sits there and no one cares.
Everyone can see this sign, yet, no one ever sees it.
Signs can come from all places.  From above, from a song, from an old friend and heck, they even made a movie about Signs.  Well, not really, but yes, signs are all around.
But, there is one sign that literally no one cares about and I see it with my own eyes, every single day.
Here it is.

Honestly, when was the last time you paid attention to a Yield sign?  Never?  Don’t lie and say you always do because we always don’t.
We yield for nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Do we ever proceed with caution?  Nope.
There is a yield sign close to my house and I watch it all the time and no one abides by it.  My favorite yield sign is the one by the airport when you are getting on 40 going east and the two roads converge and the yield people do anything but that.
What are we really trying to say with the Yield sign?  Go but don’t?  Go but it’s on you?  Go, but I am not looking?
Here is a question?  Where is the best place in the city to put a yield sign that needs one?  Ha! It is rhetorical because no matter where you put the sign, no one will care.  Or notice. Or if they did notice, wouldn’t slow down for a second.
Thank you, Yield signs, may you forever be true to yourself.  And to that one person who does Yield, thank you!

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