First off, let me say, I LOVE sarcasm. In all shapes, in all sizes and at all times.
In case you missed it, the Hollywood Reporter recently did a piece about the city of Nashville titled, ‘Nashville Confidential: Where A-listers Eat, Sleep and Stay in Music City.’
Here is the article and when you do read it, check out the comments below in the piece. (Thanks to my good friend, Dave Foster, sportscaster at the Fox affiliate in Nashville, who pointed this out to me.) I have laughed til I am in absolute tears. Go read now and come back.
See,told you. HILARIOUS!
My favorite comment was ‘My car broke down going to Opryland, which by the way doesn’t exist, but there are still signs for. As I was waving for help, the Oak Ridge Boys stopped by in their truck and gave me and my family a ride to the gas station. My family was hungry and that one dude with the long beard gave us a quarter and we bought RCs and Moon Pies.’
But that was just one about 100 that had me crying.
Look, I get it. I have lived here for a long time and I know the perception we have. In fact, I hear all the time from people I am talking to on the phone, ‘well you don’t sound like you are from the south.’ And that makes me laugh every single time.
Perhaps this movie didn’t help our cause either. Yes, they made a movie called Nashville, back in 1975. Here is the trailer and try not to piss your pants at how awesomely bad it is.

So let’s keep the stereotypes rolling y’all. We don’t need anymore traffic. My donkey is struggling to get over 440 every day.

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