I Turned Off The Noise, and Turned On The Music…..

Not a lot bothers me.  Never really has.  But, this week, I decided to turn off the noise, and turn on the music.
Just seeing so many bemoaning over a sports hire, or blasting a player for a sub-par performance to those chiming in on the political landscape and how our “country is going straight to hell” and a dozen other things that were reaching a boiling point, even down to media folks going at each other on social media here in Nashville.
Then David Bowie died.
And Glen Frey.
Suddenly, none of the ‘noise’ mattered anymore.  None of it.
Glen Frey appeared on my favorite TV show and my favorite episode on Miami Vice.  I am 47 and I watch that show and  I am 17 years old again.  When he died, part of me that refuses to ever grow up, died as well.
In 1983, David Bowie was on heavy rotation on MTV and “Modern Love” and “China Girl” were on the radio constantly and that summer was spent so amazingly care free, you felt it could last forever and it did until the alert came across that David Bowie had passed away.
In the past few days, I have rediscovered all of Bowie’s songs and not just Frey’s hits with the Eagles, but his solo career in the mid 80’s.
Amazing, soothing, incredible and coruscating could all be used to describe their music.
It has been amazingly therapeutic to just turn off the noise and turn on the music.  Something I need to do a lot more often, not just when part of my youth passes away.

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