How World War 3 Will Start….

Quick, raise your hand if this guy looks familiar.




No, it is not Rollie Fingers.

It is the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

He was the heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire, who was assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914.

Long story but it started WWI.

Anyhoo, I have figured out how WWIII will start.

It will start because of this.



A damn 4-Way stop.  I am not kidding.

Because a 4-Way stop sign, shown above, turns into this below, for all drivers.






I came upon a 4-Way stop the other day and it was the most confusing 60 seconds of my life and I have been confused a lot.

4 cars, including mine, pulled up to the stop at the same time.

No one moved.

Then we all moved.

Then we stopped.

Then we moved again.

Lady to my right waved me on.

I guess the car straight across waved the car to my left and he started to go.

We both stopped.

Meanwhile, granny to my right starts to go and I am like, “Edith Bunker, stop!”

At that moment, I turned into this.




Those that know me well, understand that is an accurate pic of me in traffic.

I was about to lose my mind because none of us backed up.

Edith did stop, about 2 feet from my truck.

I was waiting for the 4th car to go and when the police show up, the 4-Way stop looking like this.





As we were sitting there, other cars pulled up to behind us and I can only imagine what was going through their mind to see these 4 clowns in the middle of the intersection.


Meanwhile Edith, who remember was the one who signaled for me to go, starts yelling at me to back up.

Dude to my left is yelling at the car to his left and if all of this sounds confusing, believe me, it was worse in person.

I knew at some point, it was going to turn into this.




I finally backed my truck up and so did the guy to my left.  Edith drove on through shaking her head.

The other driver facing me, sans blinker, turns in front of me as I started to go forward.

I just sat there in stunned silence.

I waved at the guy on my left as a, “Can you believe what just happened?,” look and he flips me off.

Yes, WWIII will start over a 4-Way stop.

Somewhere, somehow, someway, it is going to happen.

Maybe we should replace all 4-Way signs with this,



Same damn thing!


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