Historic Day (For One School)

Twitter is one of the most amazing tools out there for so many reasons.
Imagine though, if Twitter had been around for 200 years. I know, encyclopedias are history’s version of Twitter, but what if the Twitter we know now, was around back then.
Today is the 97th anniversary of the most lopsided college football game in history. Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222-0.
The coach of Cumberland, none other than the legendary Ernest (Butch) McQueen, whose name sounds like a drag queen and the manager, George Allen.
And if they had another person, who was live tweeting the ball game. That person, would have been me.
So without further ado, the legendary Georgia Tech vs. Cumberland game, via Twitter.


The Joe Dubin@BigJoe

Beautiful day n the ATL. CU rolling into town to play the nerds from Ga Suck…Lets do this!!


The Joe Dubin@BigJoe
Wow, pretty big game for these two schools. No one is here. What is this, Vanderbilt?

The Joe Dubin@BigJoe
GT has about 75 players, we have…lemme see….hold on….14? 14? WTF???? We are going to get killed…


The Joe Dubin@BigJoe
WE HAVE 14 PLAYERS? WE REALLY HAVE 14 PLAYERS.. Coach wants me to see if the guys are good going both ways…BRB


The Joe Dubin@BigJoe
Sh*t! Harry Wilson hit me in the mouth when i asked if he could go both ways. He thinks it means something else….damn this hurts….


The Joe Dubin@BigJoe
Kickoff, here we go. We get the ball first….allright lets do this. NO 3 and outs today!!

The Joe Dubin@BigJoe
Mother Fu*ker! PUNT TEAM!!!

The Joe Dubin@BigJoe
OK defense, you got this. Watch the sweep, WATCH THE SWEEP! DAMMIT
7-0 assholes


The Joe Dubin@BIGJOE
OK, lets go! Come on guys, no 3 and outs…lets move the ball…….its a Got Damn engineering school we are playing!!!! lets go!


The Joe Dubin@BIGJOE
Sh*t, we fumbled and they scored? Damn! 14-0 Nerds!



The Joe Dubin@BIGJOE
Come on guys, it happens. We are still in this. A lot of teams have been down 63-0 after one quarter…HEADS UP!!! LETS GO!



The Joe Dubin @BIGJOE
Coach just gave a great speech to the guys…even tho we are down 126 to 0, he said, look 1, or 2, or 16 touchdowns and we are back in this thing…..


The Joe Dubin@BIGJOE
my damn battery is at 11%….I am sick to my stomach…start of the 4th, and we are down 187-0..


The Joe Dubin@BIGJOE
Well thats it…222 to 0…..unreal…..the guy from the paper came by for a quote, told him to shove it up his ass…


The Joe Dubin@BIGJOE
Goodbye Atlanta jerk offs…hope everyone of you gets malaria like those idiots digging the Panama Canal….

Historical Twitter

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