Here Is How World War 3 Starts

You say the word Nostradamus and just about everyone knows who or what you are talking about.  If not, hit that google button, put his name in, read about him and then, you are all caught up.  
I am my own Nostradamus because I have predicted how world war 3 will start.  And if you live in and drive in Nashville,  you will know exactly what I am speaking of. 
The merge on I-24 to get onto 440 on the east side of town, going west. 
I know there are crazier places on our planet where traffic is insane but my goodness, you would be hard pressed to beat this half mile stretch of a “hell”way.   
For those that don’t know about this awful Godforsaken piece of road, there are two lanes and one of them merges you onto 440 while the other, connects with I-24 going eastbound.  The one lane that merges onto 440 backs up like me at Krystal.   Just something awful.  The other lane that goes to I-24, isn’t that crowded so people will drive that lane, appearing as if they are going to 24, then at the last second, will merge to the 440 lane.  When I say last second, I mean the very last second and this does not make the driver in the 440 lane happy. 
One morning, I saw a car merge in front of another and the car he cut off, the driver, got out of his truck and slammed his fist on the rear, while almost getting hit by several cars, who he then yelled at, including me, complete with a number one salute.  I was laughing and looking back meanwhile, the same scenario played out 3 more times in front of me that I had to avoid.  A car will try to slide in, that person won’t let them, it then backs up the 24 lane and horns start blaring and the cussing begins.  
I have also seen a guy so mad that when someone had cut in front of him, he put his car into the back of their car and pushed them into another car.  Imagine being so mad that you would do that to your car.  I have also witnessed a car, who won’t let someone merge, run into the back of another car to keep said car from merging in.  It is crazy but that is what this awful stretch of road will do to someone.  
We have all done it though, the wait until the last second and then merge over and hopefully don’t enrage the Hulk in the soccer mom or the travel ball dad.  And if I am in that lane, near the merge, chances are I am not letting you in but don’t take it personally.  
One of the best days though was when the police had set up shop at the merge and were busting people left and right as the drivers tried to sneak their way onto 440 at the last second.  I had a first class seat because I saw them earlier in the day when I was actually going to 24 and got lucky by trying not to merge. 
Again, it is the worst stretch of road in middle Tennessee with the red light in front of the Donelson YMCA as the worst red light on the planet.  
I can hear the narrator now: “World War III.  Started because of a half-mile stretch of road in Nashville when one tried to merge in front of a sweet grandmother who had had enough and said no more.”  

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