Hearing Is Overrated

10 years ago, a good friend had an extra ticket to go see Motley Crue at the old Starwood Amphitheatre.  I was all over this, seeing that I have always wanted to go to a Crue concert.  Then this happened. 
“Are these lawn seats or do we have seats down low?”
“We have seats seats.”
“Oh really, that is cool.”

We get to the show and start walking down.  50th row, 40th row, 30th row, 20th row, 10th row, 5, 4 and finally, the third row.  Third row at a Motley Crue concert?  Incredible.  
3 hours later, I couldn’t hear a single thing.  And the show had been over for an hour.  It was the THE loudest show I have ever been to in my life.  In fact, I called in sick the following Monday and Tuesday from work because I couldn’t hear.  Not kidding.  It was like I fell asleep inside a 747 engine and stayed there for a week. 

I bring this up because Monday night in Nashville, game 6 of the Nashville Predators, at Bridgestone Arena, it hit what I like to call a “Crue Level.”  (By the way, those two dots over Crue, for this post, we won’t be using them because I am not that smart to find it.)

Those who were not there, when I explain it to you, I will use the “Crue Level.”  In the second period, when the Predators scored, the arena hit that level.  I actually got a headache.  It was unbelievable.  

So, it got me to thinking, what are the top 5 loudest things I have ever heard, excluding that Crue concert, which in sports terms, we have retired that show to the rafters.  Here goes.

Feel free to laugh but this dude put on a great show and the crowd did not stop screaming for 3 hours.  How loud the music was in the show was not the problem, but 15,000 teenage girls screaming for 3 hours certainly was.
4) Nashville Predators vs. San Jose, Game 3, 2007

When JP Dumont scored on a short handed goal against the Sharks, Bridgestone erupted so loud, I thought I was on the tarmac at JFK.  Goodness, it was loud.
 3) .38 Special with Huey Lewis, January 20th, 1984, Municipal Auditorium

First off, kudos to the booking manager who thought this quite odd combination would be a success.  Just look at both acts, like a modern day “The Outsiders” with .38 Special playing the part, oh you know.  Again, another mistake of standing next to a speaker but .38 Special turned their volume to 11.5 and with the combination of weed and loudness in the air, I almost got hit by a car crossing over James Robertson Parkway because I couldn’t hear them honking.

2 hours of non-stop screaming, proceeded by 2 hours of pre-concert screaming, and followed by my daughter and her 2 friends blasting their music after the show on the way home.  A lot of dads got Father Of The Year awards after that show.
1)  Game 6, Nashville Predators vs. Anaheim Ducks.

Where the others were concerts that lasted for several hours, the 10 minutes of the second period in game 6 after the Preds scored, was the loudest moment I have ever heard.  With the crowd, the music over the speakers, I felt like I was standing on the U.S.S. Nimitz at rush hour.
I am sure there are many others I am leaving out, but honestly, those are the ones that come to mind.  If the Predators do win on Wednesday night and advance to the second round, my advice to you, if you go to the next home playoff games, invest in ear plugs.  Trust me on this.


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