For those who saw the Titans completely throttle the Chiefs on Sunday, congrats to you because I saw it completely going the other way.
Titans win 26 to 10 and it wasn’t even that close.  Jake Locker was almost perfection and a much maligned defense, totally stuffed Alex Smith and Andy Reid was left to count his Weight Watcher points, and not the scoreboard. 
Here are some headlines from the Titans big win and some Chiefs excuses from their beatdown.
“Thought y’all said Locker sucked?”
“Dammit, we only watched last year’s games.”
“What happened to Munchak?  We liked him.  We really, really, liked him.”
“Coach Reid had BBQ sauce on his fingers and got it all over our playbook.”
“You can’t spell playoff hunt without Whisenhunt.”  
(That is terrible.  We are sorry.)

“Titans turn Arrowhead into Chop Shop; Chiefs sent to area salvage yards.”
“Titans send message to NFL and experts.  FU*K Y’ALL!”
“Titans win; Whiz almost, almost, smiles.”
“Titans scalp Chiefs.”
“Titans turn Arrowhead into Trail of Tears.” 

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