Gold Diggers Are Everywhere

So a lot has been made about the owner of the LA Clippers racist comments he made to his ‘girlfriend.’

Her name, Charo I think, I don’t remember is being labeled as a ‘Gold Digger,’ for dating a man who is at least 110 years older than she is.  Maybe 115 or so.



 But my friends, Gold Diggers are every shape, form and fashion.

And they are both male and female.

We at BJOTG have found other gold diggers and I gotta say, some of these shocked me to the core.

Here they are.





Has been riding the coattails of his award winning radio show co-host Joe Dubin for a long time now.  Although Greg’s name comes first on the show title, “The Greg Pogue & Big Joe Show,” most Hollywood and New York critics are in agreement that Big Joe is the force of the show.  But, like a wonderful mistress, Pogue keeps on keeping on.







Although he ‘plays’ for the Nashville Predators, Mike Fisher is an extreme gold digger.  His wife, Carrie Underwood, is world famous and worth untold billions.  He lives off of her wealth, talent and looks.  Kinda like Greg Pogue.






This dude, wow.  His wife, the lovely and talented Elizabeth Hasselbeck, makes a small fortune being a TV celebrity, while Tim ‘works’ at ESPN from time to time.








This dude, this dude receives 20K a month from Brittney Spears because he can’t work due to an illness called, ‘Gold Digging.’

He looks very svelte and healthy, if you are about to be killed for your meat.  This guy might be number one on the list, although Greg Pogue is a close second.






Do we really need to explain this one?  Exactly.









Hasn’t had a job in her life.  Shows up at events all across the country and everyone knows, she is riding the coattails of Kermit.  Sad part is, she knows too.  Yet, poor Kermit keeps working his butt off.

She is just a Gold digging fat pig.




This bit*h!  Hasn’t worked a day in her life.  Yells at George constantly, who busts his ass on a daily basis and yet, still wants more. Has a robot maid who does all the work, too.  How narcissistic is that?  Exactly, it is off the damn chart.

So again, they come in all shapes, sizes, forms and fashions.




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