Fly With Me, Come Fly With Me

You either love it or absolutely hate it.
For some, it starts at an early age.


I absolutely love flying.
I don’t get to fly a lot but I am sure if I did, it would get sorta tiresome but for now, I enjoy it.
Until Tuesday.
 I was sent to Dallas to cover the MTSU football team at CUSA Media days, where the head coaches and  a player gather and talk to the press.  It is a pretty big deal and I am very fortunate to get to cover it.
Until I saw the plane that flew us from Murfreesboro to Dallas.
I thought it would be this.

But when I got to the airport, it was more like this.

Well not quite, but for me, it might have been.
Luckily, we had the coolest pilots on planet Earth.  So I was not worried,
They were not THESE pilots.

I was worried though for the other 6 people on the tiny plane.  Here is why.

Small planes and fat guys, bad combination.
In a jet, there is room to stretch out, go to the bathroom, mosey around if need be.
In this plane, I didnt move for 2 hours and 43 minutes.  Didn’t move. Couldn’t.  Not sure I wanted to anyway.
I could stretch out and almost touch the back of the plane to the pilot’s shoulder.  Almost.
The whole time, I kept saying to myself, ‘Joe, it is OK.  You will be there soon.  Don’t let the extreme growling in your stomach bother you.  Do not throw up!  You can’t.  Think positive.’
Plus, I have EXTREME claustrophobia that I will detail down the road.  When you can touch both sides of the cabin at one time. no bueno Pepe!
All the positivity worked, including how cool the pilots were flying, so it was all good.
 But I kept picturing myself like this.

It was all good now.  Dallas was not far off and my mind was at ease.
Finally, I was relaxed.  No worries.
There would be none of this from my fellow passengers.

I was as cool as the great fall breeze at night.
Relaxed as relaxed could possibly be.
How relaxed?  This relaxed.

Now I never let on to my friends on the plane, all 6 of them, that I was a nervous wreck.
We arrived in Dallas with zero problems.  I got all stressed out for nothing.
I was calm and cool as we got off the plane.  Although, I so wanted to do this.

So I can rest and get busy with all the stuff I have to do here in Dallas.
Damn, I forgot.
I have to fly back to Nashville, Wednesday night.
Here we go again with the stress.
Got it! Thank you Lord, I will be just fine.
Here is me flying back.

No worries at all.


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