#FailFriday, Tattoo stile

I know, style is spelled wrong. But for a reason.
Today’s #FailFriday, is about tattoos.
Tattoos that were, well, not thought out enough. Or maybe they just didn’t know.
Either way, thank you. Cause today’s #FailFriday is all about tattoos that were spelled wrong.
Don’t laugh too loud at work though. You might get into trobblle.

Yes, yes you are awsome. I wanna see this guy on Wheel of Fortune. ‘Yes, Pat, I will take a vowel. I want a G.’

Gotta admit, that X looks pretty cool. Or is it a V. What is evreme? Also, love the way the M blends into the E. Side note, love the 3 stars on the arms. That lookes really awsome.

And so do bad tattoos. Thank you Crispin Glover.

Are YOU gonna tell him its spelled wrong? Plus, there needs to be a comma after love. Maybe he was trying to spell Sacramento and suffice.

Actually, I LOVE that message. She gets a pass.

Why? Why? Why do you have to curse? What’s that? What’s spelled wrong? Oh, HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Then what else? What else runs deeper than your love?

Hahahaha….So dumb. Should be a K there instead of the C.

In. Tears. Have. No. Words.

Love that name. Tom Arrow. How badass is that? New superhero, Tom Arrow! And, I bet he does know. That you are stupid.

Hey congrats. Your 48 year old baby looks just like you. Was he looking at a poster from the Broadway musical Cats?
Enjoy your weekend everyone. Remember your goal? NEVER make these lists.

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