#ExtraMedium Thrift Store Style

Usually Monday’s are saved for #ExtraMedium but we wanted to take a different path today. All because of a photo a friend of mine snapped at Goodwill. An actual item for sale inside the store. At first, I thought it was fake but soon realized this was no joke.
What do you guys think if you saw this at Goodwill?

Oh man, is that ever rich. Condoms and it looks like an open box.
So after an exhaustive search, I was able to find some other items at Thrift Stores that really made me scratch my head and say, ‘WTF?!?!?!’
I think you will agree. Enjoy.


This is beautiful on several accounts. How did this get past the publisher? He was probably being sarcastic and said ‘sure, we will publish that.’ Followed a few weeks by, ‘Are you sh*tting me??’ Secondly, just read that title to yourself, Slowly. Pretty sure in Psalms it says, ‘Lay your trust upon ME, including if your keys get locked in your car, your AC is not working AND if your school locker won’t open.’


Is that used medicine? Wouldn’t dying be easier? #Ohjojo


I know what I think it is, but I am not sure I want to say WHAT it is. If this IS what I think it is, how do you get a patent for that? I have spent way too much time staring at this already. I need a cigarette.


Sadly, I would probably buy this. Hold up, first I would want to look at it under a black light. Scratch that, I just threw up thinking about it. Which would probably be the least nastiest thing on that couch! (Joe, you are on a damn roll today brother!)


This might be the single greatest album cover, title, pose of all time. I have not stopped laughing at this all morning. Thank You Jesus! and while I have you Lord, why can’t I get my locker open?


Lemme ask this….How bad does your family despise you that they gave a thrift store, a frame with your picture in it? Cute kid too. I wish my son took a pic in outer space.

Finally, proof of Bob Ross starting out. Love this for many reasons. His hair, that short tight perm that drives all the ladies nuts. Then, simply that damn dog’s face. He looks like he is saying, ‘I left the shelter for this?’


I simply have no words for this. I don’t. I have tried. And yet, if I saw this at Goodwill, I would probably buy it. WHY? I don’t know.

Yes, you are reading that right. A donated vase, with ashes. I just threw up. Again. On that couch. And I can’t open my damn locker.


And finally, saved the best for last.

An old tennis racket. Oh wait, sorry, an opened pack of diapers. My God, I love mankind!

Enjoy your Monday!



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