#ExtraMedium Monday, Animal Style

Welcome back Monday.
Nah, its all good. You don’t like me, I don’t like you and that is OK.
That is why #ExtraMedium is here. (Thank you Leland Crowe).
Today, we want to make you laugh and ‘aww’ at the same time.
Enjoy, #ExtraMedium, Animal style

This is the best staged picture of all time with a cat. Because, if cats could do this, and they will someday, this is what they would do all day. That’s probably a female cat since females only drink Bud Light.


Still think this dog sucked in a bunch of helium and passed out. I bet when it is dinner time, he raises his head and says, ‘be there in a minute,’ and goes back to sleep. Also, I guarantee you he has eaten small families. Of people.


“OK, I am going to get that mouse this time. No more doubting myself. I CAN AND WILL DO THIS! I am Bob and I catch mice. This day is mine! Damn, who am I kidding? I’m lonely.’




“When you put the damn camera down, I will eat her face. Now go please.’


If Kim Kardashian was a cat. NO YOU SHUT UP!


Question-Where are her front paws?
Answer-She ate them?
Also, she freelances as a bed.


To be that fat and not give a damn? I envy you dog.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Someone is Gwumpy wumpy!


Totally not kidding but this is the same EXACT look I give when someone orders me a salad.


AND FINALLY, I wonder if Troop played with fire?


Enjoy the day my friends.


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