#ExtraMedium Miley Monday

I was forced to watch Hannah Montana.
With a daughter named Hannah, I had no choice.
It was 2006 and my daughter was almost 8 and Hannah Montana debuted on the Disney Channel.
I immediately hated the show but my daughter loved it, so I just shut my mouth and let her enjoy the show.
Now Hannah Montana seems decades ago. Replaced by, well, not sure.
So today, let’s take a look at Miley Cyrus’ career, through pictures.



THEN, Scientists still haven’t figured out what happened to sweet Miley…

Thank you Miley. Thank you for being a great role model because I can point to you and tell my daughter, ‘If you EVER,’ well you know the rest.
So lets fast forward a year. Here is Miley 12 months from now…

I think I picked up a disease writing this blog.

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