Extra-Medium Monday

July 1st. Halfway there.
Halfway to where, I have no idea. But we are halfway there.
At least we have Thursday off. I hope all of us do, but for those who don’t, maybe this week’s Extra-Medium will make you smile.
Because it made me smile. Enjoy!

Just think what all is in that beard. Jimmy Hoffa, 3 Egg McMuffins, 4 Cracker Barrel biscuit and gravy platters, Ameila Earhart, Lost dogs, etc. So not that bad.

Some days I am glad I have no hair. Some days.

For those who have wondered what I look like from behind, here ya go. He would text and drive but he ate his phone. And everyone else’s.

Is that a duck face? Is this what Duck Dynasty is all about? Secondly, who is taking this pic? Third, I am spending way too much time on this.


You know what, I like this. He is obviously saying, Fu*k You World, Here I Am! I bet he wears this everywhere too, I would. And almost do.

God I do NOT want to see the front of this.


OK, a few things. It looks like the best snacks are under her chin. This is how we get terrorists to talk. And that apron was used in the America’s Cup in 1988 when Australia won. #NoYouShutUP
Happy Monday Everyone!!!

Pretty sure God has a sense of humor and I will come back as this. Well played Almighty One, well played.

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