Excuses and Reasons and Reasons and Excuses

Boy, things have gone from bad to worse for the Vanderbilt Commodores.  They lose to Temple 37-7 and on Saturday, get beat by Ole Miss 41-3.   
They look lost.  Completely lost. 
So we have Vandy’s “excuses” and “reasons” for losing the game. 
“No one told us the game was at LP Field til Saturday.”
“7 of our starting 11 defensive players had class til 3:30”
“Bo Wallace’s hair was simply fantastic.”
“There is a sign in the locker room that says, ‘Play Like Titans Today,’ so we went out and did just that and lost.”
“Tim Tebow said we would win.”
“James Franklin said he would never leave us.”
“Coach Mason wouldn’t stop watching the USC/Stanford game and talking about how much he misses Palo Alto.”
“It was a trap game.  We were looking ahead to UMASS next week.”
“We were waiting on a weather delay.”
“We always score in practice.” 
“They wouldn’t let us bring our horn over.” 

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