“Excuse Me, I Have What?”

“Joe, you have Covid double pneumonia.”

Me? No way. The words were heavy but they didn’t resonate at all. “Doc, no offense but I am somewhat healthy and I just ran two miles up at McGavock high school!” (It was more of a plod but hey, it was two miles.) I don’t believe it. I figured at some point I would get it but double pneumonia? Come on!

It is one thing when they tell you have it but when they show you X-Rays of your lungs and it looks more like a back-up on I-65 at Trinity Lane, then it really hits home.

“Doc, what am I looking at exactly?” “You are looking at something that is not good but it is treatable. You are lucky.” Now that resonated because I have heard that most of my life. Still, Covid double pneumonia. I pulled out my phone and googled everything I could on it while I waited in the E.R. I googled so much I went down a wormhole on what kind of bedside manner did Trapper John have or was Marcus Welby a good doctor. Yes, everything.

I ended up getting a pretty powerful steroid shot that was prefaced by the nurse who said, “This will burn in your groin.” Excuse me, what? Burn in my groin? Oh Lord. And it did. Big time. Not sure why. I probably should have googled that instead of “How did Dr. Green die on ER?” Immediately, I felt better. Sure, probably mental but I did.
The staff at Summit Hospital in Hermitage were absolutely fantastic. All of them. Heck, the doc watched Sunday night football with me for a little bit just to make sure I was doing O.K. I cannot say enough good things about everyone there and truly showed me that they are the real heroes in all of this.
For 10 days, I sat around and watched everything on T.V. I mean everything. Do you remember the 70’s show “Emergency?” “Adam-12?” “Highway to Heaven?” Well, I am an expert on those shows now. Yes, that much T.V. I hope I am never an expert on another show ever again.
Praise Jesus, I am much better and on the road to recovery. The damage to my lungs is still unknown so I am not worrying about that. I pray for every single person who has this, whether mild or severe and the families that are also indirectly affected. I will not tell you what to do or how to live your life, that is not my place. Just throw up prayers for healthcare workers and those battling it.
I never expected to get it. Covid though, had other plans.

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