“Doesn’t Everyone Do It?”

As far back as I can remember, my mom did it every time we went in the tunnel on Thompson Lane.  Every single time, she would do it, but so would everyone else and it sounded like the worst symphony of all time.
I am talking about honking your horn when you drive in a tunnel.  Doesn’t everyone do it?  Well, apparently not.
“What is your problem, (bleep)?”
“Honking my horn in the tunnel.  Do you not do that?”
“(bleep) no!  You should have your (bleep) (bleep) kicked for that?”
“Oh OK.  Have a great day!”
“(bleep) you!”
Seriously, am I missing something here?  We were the only family who did this when you went through a tunnel?  I don’t recall anyone back then who wanted to beat us up for honking the horn in the tunnel.  Maybe this where we went wrong in America when we no longer started honking going through a tunnel.
Is it annoying?  Yes.  Is it fun?  Absolutely and brings back some good memories of my youth.  (Before you say, “Bless his heart, his family didn’t do much,” You would be correct, won’t argue.)
Now I don’t do it going under a bridge, I am not that much of a jerk but if there is a tunnel, I am honking the entire way.  My kids love it and we do it all the time.  I just have to know if you did the same growing up when you were in the car with your parents or am I on an island with this.
I did it last year when I was in Boston for the Titans playoff game and went through numerous tunnels and honked the whole way. Sure, I got flipped off a few times but heard others honking as well so that gives me hope for our country.
Again, doesn’t everyone do it?  I would love to know.

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