Did He Know?

Take a look at this billboard that is in Nashville.
Thanks to Preston Penn for sending me this pic.
When you read it, ask yourself this, did he know what he was posing for.


Now you know that this dude will be at a party and here is how the conversation will go. 
 “Mary, that is the guy who is on the syphilis billboard.”
“He’s got syphilis?”
“No, he is on billboard for syphilis.”
“Why is he on the billboard if he doesn’t have syphilis?”
“I don’t know.  You will have to ask him.”

Or this, he is at the gym, or a reunion of some sorts and you can only imagine the ribbing he is getting.  (No pun attended.)
“Dude, I saw you on the syphilis billboard.  I hope they paid you good.”
“Hey man, long time no see.  How is the syphilis?” 
“Eww, stay away, you have syphilis!”
“What kind of shots do you need to get rid of syphilis?  I am asking for a friend.  You!”  

Now back to the point at the beginning, did he know what he was posing for?  
And if not, could you imagine what they told him?
Look at his face again. 
“Yeh, it is an ad for lost puppies.”
“It is an ad for hunger in America.”
“We are shooting this to bring awareness for bullying.”
And he walks away, feeling good about what he is helping. 
Until he gets that call. 
From his Mom.  
Good luck explaining that.  


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